World's first research paper on improving metaverse counseling security SCIE published

World's first research paper on improving metaverse consultation security SCIE published

Comapany Overview
A new movement in metaverse consulting, we are the first mover. 

Comapany Overview

A new movement in metaverse counseling, we are the first mover.

“We want to create a new movement that has never been experienced before in the field of non-face-to-face counseling through the combination of Metaverse virtual space and AI.”

Seongchan Lee 

YATAV focuses on technology and content to lower the entry barrier to counseling

Our technology and content enable deep inner communication. The platform we developed is equipped with AI facial expression recognition technology with 90% accuracy using only the camera built into a PC or smartphone without VR equipment. We provide a counseling space that maximizes user immersion through various audio-visual stimulation, such as a bonfire camping site, a wavey beach, and a rooftop space with shooting stars. Eight types of psychological tests, including FPI, burnout, depression, and anxiety, are available within the virtual environment, and test results can be shared with a counselor. 

We will continue to develop technology and content to add fun and reduce barriers to counseling.

We go everywhere in the world.

YATAV is headquartered in South Korea, known as a digital powerhouse, and has established a local corporation in Los Angeles, US.

By receiving mentoring from counseling professors and counselors around the world, we are taking on the challenge of overcoming the limitations of non-face-to-face counseling.

Beyond Korea, we are creating empirical cases of extensive counseling, coaching, and mentoring through MOUs with various educational institutions.

We have developed the world's first non-face-to-face virtual intelligence platform specializing in counseling, and we are verifying its effectiveness by publishing research papers with a sense of mission that we will change the history of non-face-to-face counseling in the world.

Our global vision is to overcome the limitations of non-face-to-face communication everywhere in the world.

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